Looking for a FACTA Expert Witness?

The Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act of 2003 or FACTA or the FACT Act, amends the Fair Credit Reporting Act.  And while FACTA does significantly change the obligations of credit bureaus and lenders as defined by the FCRA, it does not change the basic tenants and provisions of the FCRA.  The FCRA, and other consumer protection statutes, have gotten a serious workout in the past few years.  In 2011 there will be over 12,000 lawsuits filed under the various consumer protection laws, with most of them being Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and Fair Credit Reporting Act lawsuits.  And while they don’t all need a credit expert witness, many do.

Because of the increase in consumer credit related lawsuits the need for FACTA and FCRA expert witnesses is growing.  In fact, many experts have predicted a continued increase in credit related lawsuits for many years to come.  This places additional demands for qualified credit expert witnesses.  These experts must have a strong knowledge of the credit industry, how lenders operate, consumer reporting agencies, credit scoring, reinvestigation processes, and reasonable procedures.

“What makes for a great FACTA expert witness is his or her ability to help lawyers and consumers involved in FACTA lawsuits better understand the systems and tools used by the credit industry players.  Knowledge of PACER, e-OSCAR, ACDVs, FICO Scores, AUDs, and Metro 2 are just a few examples of what sets a great FACTA expert witness apart from a less effective expert.” John Ulzheimer, Credit Expert and Expert Witness.  “It would also be nice if your expert was FCRA certified, but most of them are not.”

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